What happens after hitting rock bottom?

"We as a family had probably hit rock bottom, my husband was drinking excessively daily, had just crashed the car again and lost his job and we were living in a crummy flat.  I was an emotional wreck and our marriage was hanging on with 2 threads and I was the sole breadwinner."  This is the beginning of Ruth's story of her journey in Al-Anon.  Her full story appeared in our September Loner's Letter.  Send your email address to Julie at to get future issues.

Why do we have a Loner's Letter?  Because in many places there is no Al-Anon group meeting nearby.  An email is one way of hearing other people's stories and getting some idea of how Al-Anon works.  It's better to get to a group and get a weekly 'dose of recovery' but we hear from our Loners readers that even one little newsletter is better than being totally alone.

We also have this blog - we can use it for chatting and sharing about our experience, strength and hope, another way of getting some Al-Anon support.  But the best way of all is to get to a group.  This month we were glad to hear that some of our members have opened new groups in their own areas.  In Kempton Park a bunch of members needed and wanted another meeting.  Their evening meeting meant they had to travel at night, and some were reluctant.  An opportunity arose to join with a rehab centre, to use their premises on a Saturday morning and open it to anyone interested in Al-Anon, and wanting to find out more.  It runs as a normal Al-Anon meeting, so people looking for help and support can see exactly what the meeting offers, and can keep coming back.  As we say in Al-Anon, "Keep coming back, it works if you work it".  The members of the Kempton Park evening group are working together to keep the doors open at the new group and are looking forward to popping in on a Saturday morning, to get a good start to the weekend.  It's a shared responsibility they are all eager to take part in.