These materials are aimed at Alateen members, but are available and useful for a more general readership as well.  Clear, straightforward and easy-to-read, they get to the basics directly in a relaxed and open way.

Daily help for teens, sharings from Alateens round the world.

Basic introductory book for teens affected by someone else's drinking. Easy-to-understand explanation of alcoholism and the Alateen program. Indexed, softcover. 128 pages   Price:  R120.00

Alateen's newest daily reader shows how members practice the program right now, today. Indexed. 378 pages. Price: R315.00

Questions and suggestions help young people improve their own lives. 12 pages. Revised 2013.

Alateen's cartoon booklet presents three separate stories of teenagers whose parents have drinking problems. 24 pages. P22

Welcomes new Alateen members with helpful leaflets assembled in a sleeve.