A succinct useful introduction to how families are affected by alcoholism 12 pages.

Outreach tool for those who grew up with alcoholism.

Helps men identify typical reactions to alcoholism in another person. Six pages. Price : R8.00

A useful introduction to the many ways that children from alcoholic families have carried the pain into their adult lives - and ways they are learning to deal with it.

Q & A basics address the most common concerns about Al-Anon and how it helps. Eight pages. Price: R12.00

An Al-Anon classic.  Dramatic analogy helps family members and friends see roles they play in the lives of alcoholics. 24 pages. Price : R20.00

Longtime favorite includes personal stories, questions and answers, "Do's and Don'ts," "Just for Today," "Maturity Checklist," and the "Three Obstacles to Success in Al-Anon." 32 pages Price : R24.00

The ins and outs of protecting members' rights to privacy while still letting people know about the fellowship and how to find us and what we do.

Al-Anon's Fourth Step booklet includes reflections and inventory questions on six different aspects of personal growth. 5 ½ X 8 ½ , 64 pages. (Also see P91) Price: R130.00

A message of hope for anyone facing alcoholism, a problem we can't solve alone. Four pages. Price: R7.00

Inspiring stories by parents describe how they helped their children understand the family disease of alcoholism. 24 pages. Revised 2011. Price: R21.00

Al-Anon's first pamphlet describes our fellowship's purpose and suggestions for applying it to improve our lives. Six pages. Price: R8.00

Ways you can start helping yourself now.

Basic explanation of sponsorship provides guidance on finding a Sponsor, what to expect, and suggestions for Sponsors. 16 pages. Price : R12.00

First questions about Al-Anon answered and a useful checklist to find out whether Alcoholism has affected you.

How Al-Anon can help if you're an AA member who has family or friends who are still drinking.

A pocket-sized starter guide to Al-Anon's Steps and Traditions. Also includes the "Three Obstacles to Success in Al-Anon." 24 pages. Price : R19.00

What you can expect in an Al-Anon meeting, the ideas that help us start to pick up the pieces.

Sharings from parents of alcoholics and answers to frequently asked questions help relieve the fear, anger, blame, guilt, and confusion of realizing your child is an alcoholic. 16 pages. Price : R25.00

What is Alcoholism? Why do alcoholics drink? How are families and friends affected? Some quick answers.

Lists the things you may have tried, and gives some tips of what you could try today.

Why anonymity is so important in Al-Anon and how to apply the prinicple